About Jennifer Lai

I'm an illustrator based in Columbus, Ohio. I earned a bachelor's degree in studio arts from Wesleyan University and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.

My journey into illustration began when I took a class at the School of Visual Arts on illustrating children's picture books. During the first class, I fell in love with everything about children's illustration, particularly the use of both words and images to tell a story. This is a pursuit that allows me to indulge in my dual enthusiasm for art and writing.

As I worked on my assignments, memories resurfaced of my mom reading bedtime stories to my sister and me. It was a nightly event for which I eagerly awaited and even prepared for by browsing the books at the school library and picking a selection for the upcoming week. These stories of philharmonic orchestras, donkeys, ballerinas, and many more lead to a lifelong love for reading. Because picture books had such a significant impact on my young mind, it feels personally meaningful to illustrate stories that could inspire today's kids in the same way.

I have many tales of adventure bubbling around in my head and have a couple of book dummies available to show. I'm also interested in illustrating other writers' words. If you'd like to discuss more about how I can help with an illustration project, please contact me.